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Thaddeus Spae

Songwriter and Entertainer


6/20/15: WELL FINALLY. A new album! Three years in the making! Packed with smouldering resentment and vitriol! It's You And What Army?, the song collection that dares to plumb the hidden connection between alchemy and Middle Eastern strife, that dissects the real meaning of flirtations, that peels back the seemingly-benign surface of life to reveal its loathsome hidden depths. Also, many jokes. Available for streaming and downloading at bandcamp.com, and actual CDs may be purchased through Bard's Cathedral.

Update! My song "Good Times Is Bad Times (For The Blues)" has been selected as a finalist in the Tumbleweed Folk Festival Songwriters Contest this year! Woohoo, I'm in the Show!

Update to the update: didn't win. Awwwwww.....

10/4/13: Blowing the pants off an Ab Lee Oskar in draw harp position, accompanying Mercedes Nicole and a mega-cool band at a Nina Simone tribute at Seattle Public Library. My big star turn starts at 22:25 or so, though I'm playing tasty backup guitar throughout the video. Look, Mom, I'm a jazzbo!

7/14/12: The Fighting Instruments Of Karma Marching Chamber Band/Orchestra (H. Patterson, cond.) perform my personal Greatest Hit Ever, the Chumleighland March, at The Midnight Show at the Oregon Country Fair.

3/21/12: From an intimate coffee house series in a small, insignificant state capitol comes High On The Hog, a trove of spontaneous treats and Thaddeus songs old and new. Recorded live at the Wild Hog In The Woods coffeehouse in beautiful downtown Madison WI. Whee!

9/10/11: It's new! It's cool! It's a songwriting contest finalist! It's The Warp And The Weft, hot off the presses and rarin' to go! New, very recent and semi-new songs on sausage, sailing and simians with high explosives. Amongst other things.

5/25/11: After 40 years in the trenches, Thaddeus releases a 30-song double-CD retrospective, So Far, So Good, available at gigs and through the Bard's Cathedral Online Store. All the classic Thaddeus songs you never heard!

11/22/10: New video featuring the fabulous guitarron: Clever Human Being Disguise

11/7/10: OMG ITZ UNCLE PAPPY!!!11!!

6/2/10: Thaddeus's new 6-song CD Birthdays & X Rays is now available through Bard's Cathedral's Online Store for only $5! Such a deal! (9/10/11 Note: this album is no longer available)

6/2/10: Another two more new videos! Sausage and I'll Show You Mine (If You Show Me Yours)

4/15/10: Another turn as a coverboy, this time in a print-only newsletter for Ancient Victorys (from whence have come all them videos). Not Available In Any Internet but read a .pdf here.

1/16/10: Two more new videos! Who Woulda Thunk It? and Luna Park

1/7/10: Check out Thaddeus's turn as a virtual coverboy in the January 2010 Victory Review: Yet Another Musical Life For Thaddeus Spae.

11/20/09: Thaddeus's new CD Campfire Jazz is now available through Bard's Cathedral's Online Store.

11/20/09: Two new videos: The Art Of The Possible and Turtles All The Way Down from Ancient Victorys back in September. Great audience!


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